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Small/Medium Sized Bookkeeping & Strategic CFO Services: List


IHave you got through 2021 and your books are in a mess? We are doing a special offer to clean up your 2021 accounts and ensure you are set up correctly going into 2022. We are QuickBooks experts with many years' experience in ensuring your QuickBooks is correct and get you ready for tax filing. 


Hourly rate for clean-up is $50 / hour with the first 3 hours for free. 

Contact us today for more information

Monthly Bookkeping

Why spend time on monthly book-keeping when you could be adding more value running you company. We offer monthly book-keeping services and you only pay for what you need. We will start with a free 1 hour consultation to understand your needs and then give you a quote. Services include

   - Creating and sending invoices as needed 

   - Preparation of P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement

   - Review of P&L expenses

   - Reconciliation of Balance Sheet Accounts

Prices start from $300 / month depending on size of company

One Off Accounting System Implementations

Are you a company that needs to change how you are doing your book-keeping but dont want to hire a book-keeping. We can evaluate your business, recommend the best software for you, implement the software and then train your staff to use it going forward. 

Services include (as needed)

   - Full Evaluation of current practice

   - Recommendation of software

   - Implementation of software including putting in data for current year (and past year if       needed)

   - Training to staff on using the system 

   - Part time book-keeping services on a go-forward basis (if needed)

Financial Modelling for growth & Investment Pitches

Are you trying to raise capital to support the growth of your business. We can help with finaial business plan creation, review assumptions and support you through the process with potential investors 

Services include

   - Creation / Review of financial business plans including 5 year modelling

   - Detailed review of projections already created 

   - Support through the investment process including being present in meetings with investors and answering finance related questions

Price dependent on project, book a 1 hour free consultation to find out more. 

Strategic CFO Services

At Flexible Consulting we offer part time and Strategic CFO services for companies that do not need a full time CFO. 

Services include (and not limited to)

   - Optimize strategy, help review what is working what isnt working

   - Help create / review long term plans 

   - Ensure controls are in place for your financials 

   - Work with your leader on better decision making for the direction of the company

   - Sounding board for considering new products / services

Pricing starts at $130 / hour, and recommendation is a minimum of 5 hours / month. Book a free consultation or call us to find out more

 Bookkeeping & Strategic CFO Services

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