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At Flexible Consulting, we support large global companies in one-off projects or longer term part time work. We will work with you for supplementary resources to make projects successful and fill any gaps that your organization might have. We also offer part-time Finance and Accounting services to help small and mid sized companies prepare and review their financials. We offer all services from monthly bookkeeping to strategic CFO services.

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About Flexible Consulting

Our History

Flexible Consulting was founded in 2020 amid the pandemic to serve companies struggling with resource constraints. We are a family founded and run business with over 100 years experience in Finance and Accounting. Our objective is to provide part-time or contract resources of all levels from book-keeping to strategic CFO. Our objective is to help bring back working parents to the workplace who have left due to the struggles of work-life balance.

We are originally from the UK and moved to Texas in 2013 and now live and enjoy life on Lake Conroe. As busy parents we are passionate about creating value for our customers while only charging for the work that we do. We have a number of employees in the UK and across Texas, although can provide work to any location.

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A key part of our business is to make sure that our team is built from a talented pool of consultants by re-engaging working parents who have left full-time work for a better work-life balance. Connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more about how we do this.

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