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Corporate Services: List

Corporate Services

Project Resources

Do you have a project you need some additional resources for. We have all levels of people from analyst to CFO level, that can assist on projects. 

Interim C-Suite & Senior Level Services

Do you need an interim position filled while searching for a permanent resource. At Flexible Consulting we can help with this to ensure business goes on usual while you fill those all important roles

Part Time Supplemental Positions

Do you need additional resources to help at certain times of the month, for example someone to support through month end or forecasting or budgeting. We can provide long-term part-time resources so that you dont need to pay for full time resources that you dont need. 

Chapter 11 Aditional Support

Our team has Chapter 11 experience, so if you need additional resources in the Chapter 11 process, let us know. Experience includes 

   - Fresh Start Accounting 

   - Mid-Month Closing 

   - Preparing / Reviewing Memo's 

   - Four Column Creation 

   - System review for valuations 

   - Recommendation of pushdown of valuation 

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